Iloilo Host Premier Leo Club Fourth Anniversary: PAGULIKID SA GIN HALINAN

Last year, my best friend Sheyme Robledo was the President of Iloilo Host Premier Leo Club District 301-B1. She invited me to get inducted as a member of this club which I approved right away.

Last April 21, 2018 marked the fourth anniversary. 

We have chosen to visit and celebrate with the Aeta community at Brgy. Lanit, Jaro, Iloilo city.
There, we have found a community full of naturally aesthetic dark brown-skinned and kinky textured hair of people to characterize the pure features of Filipinos.

There are a lot of communities of Aetas existing in some isolated places of our beloved country, Philippines. I am one proud Filipina to witness some beauty beyond the color of the complexion. 
Aetas are known to be the descendants of the Philippines and up to this day, we believe, their existence is for us to be reminded of the classic history as well as the root of our ethnicity despite the evolution of our race since the Spanish era. That is why we entitled this affair: PAGULIKID SA GIN HALINAN.

I am humbled to have captured the genuine emotions and visages seen in the few images from my camera.

Certified Native Aetas, mother and her three children.

A proud nanay cuddling her adorable baby. 

It may seem like a melancholic expression of a photo, but, it's a pretty iconic natural howl of a little child's emotion.

Ironacally, I personally like the capture of his seed sized tear perfectly lying in the corner of his eyelid. 

I thought his emotion also matches with his yellow colored smiley juice. hehe

Photos of what I assumed to be that of best of friends.
Aetas testify that Filipinos are innately cheerful and any situation will always be full of beans.

Such a distinct shy smile in the face of a little girl.

You see what I mean by a beauty beyond the color of the skin?
A simple curve of her lips already signals an invite of the sunbeam.

What an exquisite pair of big dark brown eyes he has. 

Oh! The genuiness of a little thing that makes this Nanay grin lovely with the old-school fun glasses.

My last capture of this little guy, peeping through the lens of my camera can't get any authentic; always begets joyful atmosphere.

As a certified Leo member, I am excited to participate in more future projects and events. Being a Leo is one of the best decisions I've ever made. We are able to reach out and volunteer our services for the betterment of this country and more as well as achieve our passion to benevolence through organized and cooperative team work.

Thank you and I hope you'll tune in to more photography sessions and events in my humble blog.

You may email me or send a personal message in my social media accounts linked in my main page for more comments and suggestions.

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum