CPU's University week

It has been 3 years since we bid goodbye to our High School days and there are a few changes in some of our lives now.

We went to CPU (Central Philippine University) on its last day of university week to visit our beloved high school classmates whom we haven't seen for quiet a long time. Just a quick catch-up though.

Thea did not attend my debut party and I'm heart-broken because she's one of my closest friends. She could've made my night a lot more fun. So, we teased her regarding with her unknown absent in my debut. She's lucky I'm not that harsh. haha kidding. Well, I don't dwell on small things, the friendship is more important to me than my ego.

Anyway, we decided to have our dinner at Lamesa, it was a funny night because Thea fortunately found out where her crush is working, and yes it's at Lamesa. To make the night more interesting, I dared her to ask her crush to have a picture with us. But I ended being the one who approached. lol

Connie can drive now and she has her own car. She actually drives fast.

We had random chitchats and realized that we're all grown-up. :)


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