Rags to Riches

White tank top: Maldita. White tank tops can be paired with everything.

Navy blue floral bottom: from my grandmommy's closet. 
My grandmommy is now 78 years old. I love all her clothes. She loves fashion herself and she's really meticulous with doing her make- up too. I wish I'd get to inherit all of her fashionable vintage clothes since I'm her only grandchild. :)

Black wedges: Boe's Shoe Online Shop in Facebook. 
These pair was not supposed to be my main purchase, the seller had run out of stock of the original design I paid for. I was a bit annoyed at first but I skipped the complain and asked her if she might have the same style with the wedges that I originally wanted. She showed me this and I think this one's fine. 

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum