Happy Post-birthday, Lovely "LabLab" C.!

After a summer full of class, few of my college friends gave ourselves a one night break
L-R: Camille, Me, Lab-lab, Louise and Alets.

Lablab's high school friends were also with us.

This girl made me miss her like crazy, I love you, Louise! ^_^
Lablab the birthday girl.

Louise doesn't drink coffee, but I insisted and ordered coffee for two. LOL
Hello! It's been awhile but here's my latest activity.

The blackforest cake.

My love for coffee.

One of the things I love about Afriques is that they have interesting frames hanging around the restaurant's wall.

The pierto caffee is a new coffee shop in Smallville that I'm starting to like.

So this was my look and I'd like to thank Tita Gina V. for the skirt (if ever she might get a chance to read these) :)

Hi! I am Alice Kingsleigh.

So it's been awhile that I haven't blogged and partied. I have a lot of things to blog that had happened before this event, but I'll just blog them soon after I finish this one.

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum