Once upon a summer in 2011

I had the best summer of my life this year.

I was frustrated when I found out that our summer vacation was to be spent in school. Sounds so gloomy and boring. Just imagine how envious it is to see people carrying their luggage and ready to hit the vacation sun, while we're still stuck with plates of school works and assignments. Plus, if we get extension duties as our punishments, we'll no longer be able to take advantage of the days left for our little summer time. That sucks so bad! To add the agony, we'll all be dealing with nothing but nursing medical terms.

But boy oh boy! I did judge the book by its cover, I didn't know how exciting it was until I opened the next chapter.

It was one of the most unforgettable college memories.
It felt like we were in a real-life friendship-comedy-love kind of movie; the beginning of a blossoming friendship with my college mateys. I could make my own movie out of this true story. I could still remember how it started and how it also swiftly ended.

What made it special were the people behind, what we call "the cast".
Virtual Lab(VLAB) Clinical Instructors, College friends, and of course, Nemesis to add spice and thrill. Nevertheless, still thankful for these characters because the scene wouldn't be that awesome without the villains. As what they say after all: "There's always a snake in every forest."

Now, who says Summer Class sucks? :)

CAKES, HUGS, SONGS, DRAWINGS and Capturing the moments.
We will surely miss.


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