Worry Less, Love More

And when I fall too hard
there's no reason not to stand up slowly
And when I get so high
There's no reason not to fly

I got plans and I won't worry
The future is near so let's not hurry
But I can see it's really beautiful
Or must I say so wonderful

I won't cram because that's how life works
'Cause the magic will always be there even if you couldn't make it.
I am confident that I won't trip so bad
I'll make sure my life's gonna be a blast.

My see my life as precious, let yours be too,
We could only live once so let go of the heavy burdens inside you.
Don't fret on little bad things,
There's a reason why it all happens.

Just love the life God has given,
Being alive is where we could find heaven.
The world looks amazing each day and night,
So I might just live my life and just do what's right.

The people around me are so pretty,
Because every time I feel so down
Whenever I think of them in the midst of my ponder
It revises my mood; making me realize that there's no reason to frown.

Look and see, listen and hear me
I could write this piece and it's because of the people I love,
So I'll just ignore the negativity
And focus on what I love to do and see.


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"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum