Wednesday Night

Hi! How are you?

Been awhile, just proves that I could live without internet for four days. Anyway, I want to update everything about what happened days ago.

This was last Wednesday the date of our Capping and Pinning Ceremony. After the event, me and my college friends decided to party on that night. I haven't prepared; I had no outfit to wear, but no "panicky" moment, I have managed. HAHA (char). 

Last Wednesday I had three surprising events. But let's proceed to that one surprising moment when we met Ryan Bang at Flow Super-club.

At first, we just ignored the fact that Ryan Bang was there since my classmates weren't that interested anyway. But I wanted to take a picture with Ryan Bang because I like how silly he is. Plus, I might get to send our picture at Candy mag for their "celebrity meet" corner.

So we finally were able to take a picture with Ryan Bang. And then to my surprise he also asked me to take a picture with them using their personal cameras (Ansabe ng long hair ko?), for me it's kinda big deal because being asked by a celebrity as an ordinary person is rare as having a snow in the Philippines. lol It was just a little sad because there were only a few party people alive that night so the dance floor was not too crowded and fun which made Ryan Bang disappointed. 

Speaking of that, I remember papa would always tease me whenever we see a celebrity. Celebrities should be the one to ask a picture taken with me and not me asking them. Silly Papa! Actually pisses me off because that's the reason why I would always miss the opportunity to have a photo taken with a celebrity many times. But Papa's words are always MAGIC, it actually happened anyway. haha. However, it was a fun-filled night.

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum