Hong Kong Vibe

Friday Night in January.

Phone vibrates*

Daisy: "Can I borrow your boots? I will go to Hong Kong on Sunday."
My reply: "Just come to my place."

Daisy went to my place to borrow my boots to use for the winter season in Hong Kong. When she arrived, I made her choose among the boots available. She then convinced me to book a flight and come with her. She booked me a flight right away. That's how quick it was to decide for an unplanned trip.

It was Friday night when she invited me, and our flight was on that upcoming Sunday, so we had a day to prepare and pack up.

 I swear, deciding impulsively for this trip was all worth the tonsillitis and losing my voice. It's pretty therapeutic traveling with my best-friend Daisy, along with her office-mate Chuck and his very warm aunties.

Photos by: Chuck Alabe aka Chuck Love


Yep! My best-friend Daisy is good-looking; too bad she isn't single, right? Anyhow, you'll love her even more when you get to meet her in person. She is the chilliest human close-encounter you'll ever meet.


Macau was a little more colder than Hong Kong. The moment we reached Macau, the cold wind embraced our skin despite the multiple layering of clothes we wore. 

Ruins of St. Paul's 

The Victoria's Peak 

The Victoria's Peak left us breathless with its amazing view of Hong Kong even if we were freezing. It was definitely worth the "brrrrs" and ice cold breeze crawling inside our bones. lol

At the end of our trip going back home, I officially lost my voice yet I was trying to speak normally at the airport... hahaha if you get what I mean.

Going back to our hometown, I brought with me a whole new experience and who I am as a person. Cliche as it sounds, but, a trip away from home for awhile has proven me that it is indeed a good way to heal a mind full of clutter, a confused soul and a tired heart.

Thank you, Daisy, Chuck and the warm aunties for the great company! 
Thank you God and Mommy for guiding through this journey that calmed and cleansed my spirit and sanity.

Till my next travel.

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum