Ellen Adarna's mumbled words during the interview and Xian Lim's behavior during the Chinese New Year celebration 2014 plus Anne Curtis "I can buy you, your friends and this club"

Regardless of the nature where the society is quick to give opinions to issues...

I think Ellen Adarna, as a human being, had those days of not having been able to put her words together. This might trigger some emotional, mental or physical matters especially when she posted on her twitter account that she was tipsy during the interview. I've seen some of her videos and read how she writes. It's not as bad as what people think just because she failed to deliver good grammar in her one interview. People instantly scrutinize a mistake after witnessing one. One little mistake and she's judged as bad. We often forget to put some benefit of the doubt or dig more about the person. Just like failing a quiz or maybe having a writer's block, she must have experienced that in the moment. Each of us may have experienced a similar situation in the past and maybe in the future.

Regarding Xian Lim's yes, it seems that he offended Charmae Viking (Kim Chiu's kalokalike). That was a foul behavior, but I believe that there was something that bothered him that elicited his bothersome behavior. Sometimes we do offend people inattentively and that doesn't mean that we should provoke them forever. Well, I know that the damage has been done when he humiliated Viking in front of the crowd and all the spectators. Maybe fame has inflated his head but the reality is that sometimes not everyone have the same situation to remind them to slow down. Fame could drive people crazy and blow their tops. This is just another lesson for him. Thank God it happened so that he won't repeat such behavior. If I were Viking I would slap his gorgeous face in front of everybody but well, everything was caught up by the situation and I'm sure he was caught up too.

 In this issue, it also reminded me of Anne Curtis' not so current "I can buy you, your friends and this club" incident. It occurred in my mind that people in the show business could be harsh but that's because we could all be, everyone could be, even the nicest people in the world have their own versions of harshness and unrelenting behavior. It could happen tomorrow, yesterday or even of this moment of time, anytime! But the disadvantage to them is that they live with all eyes of the nation and sometimes the whole world. A lot of spectators in different personalities could easily point out their flaws and turn them down plus it could be recorded as history.

We judge because we don't understand, but you know, we could count on their good side instead without dwelling on their weaknesses. Open our minds and always give benefit of the doubt, give them a chance; they aren't the drug lords or the syndicates, the murderers or the most sinful people, The Cedric Lee, they are still in their minds, like us. If Ellen Adarna couldn't answer the interview well, how much more the people with stage-frights, the illiterates, uneducated and us who are humans?

Maybe if they're too much or uncontrollable, that's when we should agree that they deserve opinionated judgments.


"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum