Hitting two lucks in one night

What made this night terrifically epic was because of two unexpected happenings: 

One, I was chosen one of the winners in the best-dressed of the night at the Padi's Point's event. I received a gift prize from Alexia's Cloud online shop. 

Two, after leaving the party at Padi's Point, we decided to club hop. As we were strutting down our way to the next club, a pretty familiar face suddenly caught my attention. I thought he looked a lot like a famous singer in a local band, so I took a second glance and recognized more familiar faces behind him about to enter the Flow Super-club. What I thought were just familiar faces were fortunately-- the swooning heartthrob singer Champ, from the band Hale, the top fashion bloggers of the Philippines namely Camille Co, Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy. 

Although we weren't that particularly known to be entertained well, we grabbed the chance to ask to take pictures with them and they were charming and approachable. Fan girls and aspiring fashion bloggers ourselves, we couldn't resist not to squeak with excitement to have experienced that little moment. Such a night to remember. 


"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum