Does the moonlight shine on Paris?

Bonjoir! Does the moonlight shine on Paris after the sun goes down?

Do you ever wanna witness the moonlight in Paris shine with the stunning Eiffel tower too? I do I do I do!

Let me tell you something honestly. It wasn't really in my wildest dreams when I was a child that I would have a desire to travel some places of the world. Little did I know that it would give me day dreams today. Only if I have that privilege to travel places, I would be willing to travel alone as soon as possible for sure and the first thing I want to land in would definitely be no other than my favorite, PARIS. <3

Anyway, this outfit is something I personally would want to wear in one of my future days of travelling to Paris.

Mustard color V-back with big ribbon dress is from temptaIons: https://www.facebook.com/temptaIONS
Classic hat and leopard boots from my mom. (Will update you for the brands)

SPECIAL THANKS TO a TEN YEAR OLD BOY Charl's Sanchez who took all the wonderful photographs of mine. Lovelove

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum