Shoes Story

I've been finding a perfect pair of shoes lately; I think my love for bags is trading to shoes. I've been craving for some candy colored or neon colored shoes. It's very unfortunate that Iloilo has no Primadonna shop or even just an outlet. But Anyway, I bought one pair of Primadonna shoes in our trip to Bacolod. But as we returned back home in Iloilo, I feel like craving for more Primadonna shoes especially that I had four kinds of options before I bought my final purchase. I promise to not miss to buy another pair for my next visit to Primadonna.

I lately had a little frustration for failing to purchase the Neon-colored Docs at Tomatoe last time we had our Educational Tour at Manila. It was Php800.00 and that was a really cute pair, I swear! But then I became unsure because of my "kuripotness" at that moment during our limited time to shop around Mall Of Asia. I thought we'd be given another time to visit the mall for the last minute but unfortunately, I felt terribly sad as I heard that there were no last chances for MOA in the last day of tour. Truly heart-breaking :(

Mustard T-strap
But to turn everything to a happy ending, I have found some more awesome shoes from a certain online shop and hopefully, I could purchase a pair. Just hopefully. :)
Mint colored T-strap
Black version

Beige Wedge with a touch of gold 

Combat boots with spikes design

To be honest, I'm not really that good in naming some fashion ensembles, but images help.

I'd like to show you the Docs-styled boots from the Tomato shop but I'll have to search it.

See you in my next entry! XD

"A fashionable woman wears the clothes; a fashion victim lets the clothes wear her!" -Heidi Klum